Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Decadal Heat Accumulation in Ice-Covered Lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Michael Gooseff MCM Site Science 08/15/12 222
The little things that run the world revisited: Invertebrates, ecosystem services and climate change Chelse Prather LUQ Cross-site Science 08/15/12 221
Temperate Forest Soils Sequester as much Carbon as Trees in Response to Nitrogen Deposition Serita Frey HFR Site Science 08/15/12 220
Soil metatranscriptomics of a temperate forest under increased nitrogen deposition; expression of transcripts encoding lignocellulolytic enzymes Linda Van Diepen HFR Site Science 08/15/12 219
From site science to network science: using cyberinfrastructure to translate lake sensor data into ecological knowledge Cayelan Carey NTL Site Science 08/15/12 218
Nitrogen Management for Carbon Credit Neville Millar KBS Site Science 08/15/12 217
Remotely sensed giant kelp canopy biomass patterns over its dominant range in the NE Pacific Thomas Bell SBC Site Science 08/15/12 216
The Tulenapa Forest Dynamics Site: A new ILTER initiative within the Chocó-Darién Biodiversity Hotspot (Urabá, Colombian Caribbean) Juan Blanco ILTER Site Science 08/14/12 215
How do Middle School Students Make Decisions about Socioscientific Issues related to Water, Carbon and Biodiversity? Katherine Emery SBC Site Science 08/14/12 214
Long-term reproductive phenology in the Chihuahuan Desert linking legacy and contemporary datasets Dawn Browning JRN Site Science 08/14/12 213
Interaction of Land Use or Landscape Position and Microhabitat on Urban Stormwater: Integrating Research and Education in Citizen Science Robert Bohanan NTL Site Science 08/14/12 212
Sediment Source Ascription of Forest Roads in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin Seth Younger CWT Site Science 08/14/12 211
Population, Community, and Metacommunity Dynamics of Terrestrial Gastropods in the Luquillo Mountains: A Gradient Perspective Michael Willig LUQ Site Science 08/14/12 210
Spatial Configuration of Multiple Aspects of Biodiversity Along a Tropical Elevational Gradient Michael Willig LUQ Site Science 08/14/12 209
Long term sampling reveals previously unobserved trends in predatory coccinellid populations in an agricultural landscape. Christie Bahlai KBS Site Science 08/14/12 208
Understanding the contribution of natural and anthropogenic factors to low dissolved oxygen in rivers of the Ipswich River Watershed Joshua Cain PIE Site Science 08/14/12 207
Nutrient effects on Spartina patens decomposition dynamics in a New England salt marsh Meghan Short PIE Site Science 08/14/12 206
Resilience of Pacific Staghorn Coral is governed by a fish Russell Schmitt MCR Site Science 08/13/12 205
Grassland sensitivity to climate change at local to regional scales: assessing the role of ecosystem attributes vs. environmental context Alan Knapp SGS Cross-site Science 08/13/12 204
Coastal Dispersal in the Southern California Bight Leonel Romero SBC Site Science 08/13/12 203
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER