Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
High Frequency Monitoring of the Quantity and Quality of Dissolved Organic Matter Flux Between Salt Marshes and Plum Island Sound, MA Yong Zhao PIE Site Science 08/19/12 242
High-resolution monitoring of long term changes in physical limnology in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica Hilary Dugan MCM Site Science 07/13/12 39
How do arctic shrub canopies respond to changes in the diffuse light fraction of solar radiation? Laura Van Der Pol ARC Site Science 08/09/12 192
How do Middle School Students Make Decisions about Socioscientific Issues related to Water, Carbon and Biodiversity? Katherine Emery SBC Site Science 08/14/12 214
How does precipitation control primary production at Jornada Basin LTER? Jin Yao JRN Site Science 07/02/12 18
How invaded is our lakescape?: Systematic surveys indicate biases in existing invasion records Alexander Latzka NTL Site Science 08/21/12 253
How Population Density, Socio-Economic Status & Lifestyle Affect Land Use/Cover: Testing the Homogenization Hypothesis in Six U.S. Metro Areas Colin Polsky PIE Cross-site Science 08/01/12 146
Hydrochemical response of alpine watersheds to snowmelt. Danielle Perrot NWT Site Science 08/05/12 176
Hydrologic flowpaths and biogeochemical cycles in the subalpine Como Creek catchment, Colorado Front Range, USA Rory Cowie NWT Site Science 08/02/12 161
Hydrological and hydrochemical responses of streams in coastal California to land use, fire and climate John Melack SBC Site Science 07/25/12 75
Identification and characterization of microbial communities in high elevation snow packs Courtney Naff NWT Site Science 08/01/12 142
Identifying Seasonal Water Patterns in Coastal Mangroves from Space David Lagomasino FCE Site Science 08/27/12 285
Identifying thresholds in pattern-process relationships: a new cross-scale interactions experiment at the Jornada Basin LTER Finn Pillsbury JRN Site Science 07/16/12 43
Impacts of eastern hemlock mortality on ecosystem function Katherine Elliott CWT Site Science 07/23/12 61
Impacts of N fertilization on tidal creek N cycling: Denitrification vs. DNRA Amanda Vieillard PIE Site Science 08/11/12 199
Implications of diel fluctuations in streamflow on stream metabolism Alba Argerich AND Site Science 08/06/12 180
Improving the understanding and scaling of land-atmosphere carbon, water and energy exchange in a Chihuahuan Desert shrubland at the Jornada Experimental Range, Southern New Mexico. Aline Jaimes JRN Site Science 07/30/12 111
In situ CO2 enrichment alters the nutrient and carbohydrate content of seagrasses: Parallels to terrestrial research James Fourqurean FCE Site Science 08/29/12 305
Increased Connectivity in a Polar Desert Resulting from Climate Warming: McMurdo Dry Valley LTER Program Diane McKnight MCM Site Science 09/05/12 392
Influence of Grazing Treatments on Nutrient, Bacteria, and Suspended Sediment Concentrations and Channel Geometry in the Flint Hills, Kansas Bartosz Grudzinski KNZ Site Science 07/30/12 103
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER