Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
From site science to network science: using cyberinfrastructure to translate lake sensor data into ecological knowledge Cayelan Carey NTL Site Science 08/15/12 218
Fungal and bacterial pathways along a gradient of climate and productivity Samantha Colby AND None 08/29/12 319
GCE Data Toolbox and Metabase: A sensor-to-synthesis software pipeline for LTER data management Wade Sheldon GCE Cross-site Science 08/01/12 136
Geomorphic Controls over Nutrient Cycling in Playa Wetlands Owen McKenna JRN Site Science 07/13/12 40
GeoNIS: Adding Geospatial Capabilities to the NIS Theresa Valentine AND Cross-site Science 08/01/12 148
Getting to the root of the matter: Fire effects on mycorrhizal seedling establishment and tree migration in Alaska Rebecca Hewitt BNZ Cross-site Science 07/26/12 81
Glider observations of bio-optical properties in the coastal waters of the Santa Barbara Channel, California Fernanda Henderik... SBC Site Science 07/20/12 56
Global Change Effects on Alpine Microbial Communities and Nitrogen Cycling Emily Farrer NWT Site Science 08/22/12 260
Governance of 21st Century Sustainable Cities: A Study of Stewardship Networks in Baltimore and Seattle Michele Romolini BES Site Science 08/13/12 201
Governing Collaborative Science: Cyberinfrastructure, Scale, and Collaboration in the Networked Ecological Sciences Steve Jackson Other Cross-site Science 07/31/12 118
Gracilaria vermiculophylla in the Virginia coastal bays: Effects of a non-native macroalga on nitrogen dynamics, trophic cascades, and public health Dana Gulbransen VCR Site Science 07/31/12 119
Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research at Coweeta LTER Seth Gustafson CWT Site Science 07/31/12 117
Grass-shrub interactions in a Chihuahuan Desert ecosystem: can vegetation structure predict state-transitions? Nate Pierce JRN Site Science 08/02/12 154
Grassland sensitivity to climate change at local to regional scales: assessing the role of ecosystem attributes vs. environmental context Alan Knapp SGS Cross-site Science 08/13/12 204
Greenfall production by animals in the Chihuahuan Desert influences decomposition by altering litter quality and distribution Jane G. Smith JRN Site Science 07/03/12 19
Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland system in Phoenix, AZ Jorge Ramos CAP Site Science 09/01/12 365
Greenhouse gas emissions from small streams in a lake-rich landscape: the importance of incorporating methane John Crawford NTL Site Science 07/12/12 37
Harvard Forest LTER V: New Science, Synthesis, Scholarship, and Strategic Vision for Society David Foster HFR Site Description 08/01/12 137
Healthy snack or junk food? Examining the nutritional quality of a marsh prey subsidy to a freshwater and estuarine mesoconsumer in the Southwest Everglades. Mariajesus Soula FCE Site Science 07/31/12 124
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid induced mortality of eastern hemlock influences timing and magnitude of streamflow from headwater catchments in the southern Appalachians Steven Brantley CWT Site Science 09/04/12 383
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER