Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Changes in crop productivity as a result of shallow groundwater, Yahara Watershed, Wisconsin Samuel Zipper NTL Site Science 08/30/12 330
Changes in ecohydrology following the conversion of mesic grassland to shrubland Jesse Nippert KNZ Site Science 08/16/12 228
Changes in invertebrate communities along a natural elevational climate gradient at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA Lynn Christenson HBR Site Science 08/29/12 314
Characteristics of eddies shed from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nicole Couto PAL Site Science 08/28/12 299
Characterization of Endophytic Cellulose Degrading Fungi at the Sevilleta LTER site. Andrea Porras-Alfaro SEV Site Science 08/31/12 345
Characterizing a tropical dry forest stream: Parallels and deviations from tropical streams of the Luquillo Mountains and implications for the STREON experiment Lauren Koenig LUQ Site Science 08/16/12 226
Characterizing spatiotemporal dynamics of wetted soils across a polar desert landscape, McMurdo Dry Valleys Antarctica Zachary Langford MCM Site Science 08/03/12 167
Classification of salt marsh vegetation using edaphic and remote sensing-derived variables Christine Hladik GCE Site Science 07/26/12 77
Climate Change, Permafrost Melt, and Increased Nitrate Export, Green Lakes Valley, Colorado Mark Williams NWT Site Science 08/03/12 171
Climate drivers of Spartina marsh production on the Georgia coast Kazimierz Wieski GCE Site Science 08/30/12 324
Climate induced shifts in the phytoplankton community biomass and community structure along the West Antarctic Peninsula Oscar Schofield PAL Site Science 08/07/12 186
Climate variability, land use, disturbance regimes, and water supplies in a Rocky Mountain ecosystem Patrick Bourgeron NWT Site Science 08/31/12 357
Climatic Controls on Stream Flow in the McMurdo Dry Valleys Chris Jaros MCM Site Science 09/06/12 393
Coastal and Marine Mercury Ecosystem Research Collaborative (C-MERC) Charles Driscoll HBR Cross-site Science 08/01/12 134
Combining LTER data with other monitoring data to achieve a broader spatial and temporal perspective Andrew Rassweiler SBC Site Science 08/29/12 312
Comparing 25 years of land cover and population change in the southern Appalachians Jeff Hepinstall-C... CWT Site Science 09/01/12 373
Comparing and contrasting the hydrology of high-elevation areas in the Rockies and the Himalayas Alana Wilson NWT Cross-site Science 08/01/12 153
Comparison of chamber and eddy covariance CH4 fluxes using a new “open path” gas analyzer Terenzio Zenone KBS Site Science 07/30/12 109
Comparison of in-situ methods to measure N mineralization rates in forest soils Peter Groffman HBR Site Science 08/22/12 259
Complex Mountain Landscapes RCN-SEES: Advancing our social and environmental understanding of complex mountain landscapes and their vulnerability to environmental change. Arthur McKee Other Cross-site Science 09/01/12 369
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER