Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Titlesort icon Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Number
Assessing Ecosystem Sensitivity to Chronic Resource Alterations: A Synthesis of Long-term Experiments Melinda Smith KNZ Cross-site Science 08/31/12 334
Assessing Phenological Overlap of Native and Introduced Plant Species in Interior Alaska Stephen Decina BNZ Site Science 08/26/12 277
Assessing the importance of seagrass habitat restoration to “blue carbon” sequestration in the shallow coastal zone Jill Greiner VCR Site Science 07/27/12 82
Assessment of diatom assemblages in a subtropical karstic wetland: ecosystem-scale inference models and trajectory analysis Sylvia Lee FCE Site Science 08/27/12 286
Baltimore Ecosystem Study III: Education, Engagement and Outreach Bess Caplan BES Site Science 09/05/12 390
Barcoding corals in the genus Pocillopora: geographically restricted cryptic diversity Zac Forsman MCR Site Science 07/16/12 45
Beyond beach width - integrating ecological zones and function of sandy beach ecosystems Jenifer Dugan SBC Site Science 08/28/12 302
Biogeochemical Effects of Saltwater Intrusion and Increased Inundation on Everglades Peat Soil Stephen Davis FCE Site Science 07/27/12 83
Biotic mechanisms contributing to the stability of productivity differ along a gradient of rainfall variability Lauren Hallett KBS Cross-site Science 08/24/12 268
Black widows in an urban desert: the behavior, ecology, and evolution of an urban pest James Johnson CAP Site Science 06/21/12 3
Blue carbon in freshwater marshes on the barrier islands of Virginia Emily Adams VCR Site Science 07/05/12 22
Boater perceptions of environmental issues affecting lakes in the Northern Highlands of Wisconsin Ben Beardmore NTL Site Science 08/29/12 313
Boom-bust episodes alter plant species diversity patterns in arid urban landscapes Julie Ripplinger CAP Site Science 08/31/12 353
Calcium-amended soils exhibit altered bacterial community structure at Hubbard brook experimental forest (HBEF), USA Swathi Turlapati HBR Site Science 08/06/12 179
Can urban trees help protect our lakes and streams? Daniel Nidzgorski CDR Site Science 08/19/12 243
Carbon allocation and soil microbes explain plant response to N deposition Emily Farrer NWT Site Science 08/20/12 246
Carbon balance of converting conservation reserve program (CRP) grasslands to agriculture. Ilya Gelfand KBS Site Science 08/25/12 269
Carbon balances during land conversion in early bioenergy systems Terenzio Zenone KBS Site Science 07/30/12 108
Carbon fluxes and pelagic ecosystem dynamics around two western Antarctic Peninsula Adélie penguin colonies: an inverse model approach. Sevrine Sailley PAL Site Science 07/25/12 71
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve David Tilman CDR Site Description 09/04/12 384
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER