Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Numbersort icon
Microbes, moisture, and metabolic activity: Is there a soil moisture threshold for microbial activity? Sarah Placella KBS Site Science 07/31/12 121
Physical forcing of a Western Antarctic Peninsula ecosystem: observations from a coastal ocean observing network at Palmer Station. Travis Miles PAL Site Science 07/31/12 122
Altered bacterial community structure of Chronic N-amended soils of hardwood stand at Harvard Forest, MA, USA Rakesh Minocha HFR Site Science 07/31/12 123
Healthy snack or junk food? Examining the nutritional quality of a marsh prey subsidy to a freshwater and estuarine mesoconsumer in the Southwest Everglades. Mariajesus Soula FCE Site Science 07/31/12 124
Effects of residential development on breeding bird communities and habitats in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains Scott Pearson CWT Site Science 07/31/12 125
Phosphorus incubations in an oligotrophic alpine lake and copper sulfate treatment of a eutrophic montane lake Steven Crisp NWT Site Science 07/31/12 126
Niche differentiation of ammonia-oxidizing microbial communities and their function in soil Yevgeniy Marusenko CAP Site Science 07/31/12 127
Elevation as a Predictor of Marsh Vulnerability to Sea-level Rise along the Eastern Shore of Virginia Talia Dibbell VCR Site Science 07/31/12 128
Palmer LTER: Long-Term Ecological Research on the Antarctic Marine Ecosystem: Looking Back in Time Through Marine Ecosystem Space. Hugh Ducklow PAL Site Description 08/01/12 129
The effect of cover crop biomass on row-crop yields in a rotational system is mediated through topographical features Juan Munoz KBS Site Science 08/01/12 130
The Baltimore Ecosystem Study: From Sanitary to Sustainable City Steward Pickett BES Site Description 08/01/12 131
Using eco-hydrological modeling to understand hydrological dynamics impacted watershed spatial biogeochemical processes Xuan Yu Other Site Science 08/01/12 132
Updating Storminess Records for LTER Sites Bruce Hayden VCR Cross-site Science 08/01/12 133
Coastal and Marine Mercury Ecosystem Research Collaborative (C-MERC) Charles Driscoll HBR Cross-site Science 08/01/12 134
Cross site analysis of northern forested watersheds responses to future changes in climate and CO2 using a dynamic biogeochemical model (PnET-BGC) Afshin Pourmokhta... HBR Cross-site Science 08/01/12 135
GCE Data Toolbox and Metabase: A sensor-to-synthesis software pipeline for LTER data management Wade Sheldon GCE Cross-site Science 08/01/12 136
Harvard Forest LTER V: New Science, Synthesis, Scholarship, and Strategic Vision for Society David Foster HFR Site Description 08/01/12 137
Controls on leaf breakdown rates along inundation gradients in perennial Appalachian stream ecosystems Robert Northington CWT Site Science 08/01/12 138
North Temperate Lakes LTER: A Research Sampler Emily Stanley NTL Site Description 08/01/12 139
Determining historic extent of seagrass (Zostera marina) cover in Virginia's coastal bays Noah Egge VCR Site Science 08/01/12 140
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER