Colorado mountains

Submitted Poster Abstracts

Title Presenter/Primary Author Site Type Submitted Poster Numbersort icon
Multilingual and Thesaurus-Based Search Tools for ILTER Data Kristin Vanderbilt ILTER Cross-site Science 07/30/12 101
Effects of urban stormwater infrastructure on surface hydrology and nutrient export in dissolved and particulate forms Laura Turnbull CAP Site Science 07/30/12 102
Influence of Grazing Treatments on Nutrient, Bacteria, and Suspended Sediment Concentrations and Channel Geometry in the Flint Hills, Kansas Bartosz Grudzinski KNZ Site Science 07/30/12 103
Soil Water and Temperature Explain Canopy Phenology and Greenness on the Shortgrass Steppe Lynn Moore SGS Site Science 07/30/12 105
Sources of phytoplankton to the inner continental shelf in the Santa Barbara Channel inferred from cross-shelf gradients in biological, physical and chemical parameters Mark Brzezinski SBC Site Science 07/30/12 105
The red-headed woodpecker recovery project: Citizen science in the oak savanna of Minnesota Mary Spivey CDR Site Science 07/30/12 106
Evaluation of the Relationship between Dissolved Organic Material, Nutrients, and Algal Species in Colorado Lakes and Reservoirs Alia Khan NWT Site Science 07/30/12 107
Carbon balances during land conversion in early bioenergy systems Terenzio Zenone KBS Site Science 07/30/12 108
Comparison of chamber and eddy covariance CH4 fluxes using a new “open path” gas analyzer Terenzio Zenone KBS Site Science 07/30/12 109
Site Poster: CAP LTER – Urban Sustainability in the Dynamic Environment of Central Arizona Daniel Childers CAP Site Description 07/30/12 110
Improving the understanding and scaling of land-atmosphere carbon, water and energy exchange in a Chihuahuan Desert shrubland at the Jornada Experimental Range, Southern New Mexico. Aline Jaimes JRN Site Science 07/30/12 111
Microbial community structure and functional genes associated with four boreal vegetation types Mary-Cathrine Leewis BNZ Site Science 07/30/12 112
Linking environmental gradients to diatom community distribution in the northwestern Florida Coastal Everglades watershed: applications to understanding long-term tropical storm dynamics Emily Nodine FCE Site Science 07/30/12 113
Slope and Vegetation Effects on the Nitrogen Cycle in a Selective-Cut Japan LTER Forest Baek Soo Lee ILTER Cross-site Science 07/30/12 114
Investigating tree species effects on plant-soil-microbial feedbacks in Alaskan boreal forest April Melvin BNZ Site Science 07/31/12 115
A southern hemisphere observatory – building on seventy five years of environmental data Nicky Allsopp ILTER Site Science 07/31/12 116
Graduate Student Interdisciplinary Research at Coweeta LTER Seth Gustafson CWT Site Science 07/31/12 117
Governing Collaborative Science: Cyberinfrastructure, Scale, and Collaboration in the Networked Ecological Sciences Steve Jackson Other Cross-site Science 07/31/12 118
Gracilaria vermiculophylla in the Virginia coastal bays: Effects of a non-native macroalga on nitrogen dynamics, trophic cascades, and public health Dana Gulbransen VCR Site Science 07/31/12 119
Application of Flow and Sediment Transport Simulation: A Case Study of Loxahatchee Impoundment Landscape Assessment (LILA) Noosha Mahmoudi FCE Site Science 07/31/12 120
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER