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Decadal Heat Accumulation in Ice-Covered Lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Poster Number:  222 Presenter/Primary Author:  Michael Gooseff Lakes integrate landscape processes and climate conditions.  Most of the permanently ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica are closed basin, receiving glacial melt water fro

Projecting Lake-Level Rise from Airborne LiDAR and Climate Models in Taylor Valley, Antarctica

Poster Number:  202 Presenter/Primary Author:  Maciek Obryk The McMurdo Dry Valleys (approximately 77°45ˈS, 162°E) is the largest ice-free valley system in Antarctica with a cold, hyper-arid climate and mean valley bottom temperatures ranging from -14.8

Characterizing spatiotemporal dynamics of wetted soils across a polar desert landscape, McMurdo Dry Valleys Antarctica

Poster Number:  167 Presenter/Primary Author:  Zachary Langford The McMurdo Dry Valleys is a landscape characterized by open expanses of bare soils, alpine and piedmont glaciers, and ice-covered lakes on the valley floors, all underlain by permafrost.

Viral dynamics and impacts on the permanently ice-covered McMurdo Dry Valley lakes

Poster Number:  64 Presenter/Primary Author:  Katherina Hell The perennially ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys are microbially dominated systems lacking a complex food-web.

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