Colorado mountains


Fine Root Production and Belowground Soil Processes Across a Dryland Ecotone

Poster Number:  291 Presenter/Primary Author:  Brenda Nieto Drylands cover 30% of terrestrial land area and can influence global C (carbon) and N (nitrogen) cycles.

Long-term reproductive phenology in the Chihuahuan Desert linking legacy and contemporary datasets

Poster Number:  213 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dawn Browning Arid and semi-arid regions of the southwestern USA are especially sensitive to changes in temperature as well as drought frequency and intensity.

Water-nitrogen effects on fine-root production in a Chihuahuan Desert grassland

Poster Number:  182 Presenter/Primary Author:  Josh Haussler Arid lands comprise approximately 40% of the Earth's land surface, and contribute 30-35% of the terrestrial net primary productivity.

Understanding litter decomposition in drylands: Is litter abrasion an important abiotic factor?

Poster Number:  156 Presenter/Primary Author:  Melanie Peterson Drylands comprise approximately 40% of the global land cover and about 20% of the global soil organic carbon (C) pool (Lal, 2004).

Soil memory: a tool for understanding vegetation change during the Anthropocene

Poster Number:  155 Presenter/Primary Author:  Curtis Monger Referring to his memory, Abraham Lincoln said that “My mind is like a piece of steel—very hard to scratch anything on it, but almost impossible, after you get it there, to rub it out.” Soils, metap

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