Colorado mountains


Evaluating and Exploring Patterns of Satellite-predicted Forest Phenology in the Southern Appalachians

Poster Number:  267 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jeff Hepinstall-C... Current research indicates that warming global temperatures are capable of altering phenological cycles in deciduous forests.  Potential climate inducted changes to deciduous forest phenology

Sediment Source Ascription of Forest Roads in the Upper Little Tennessee River Basin

Poster Number:  211 Presenter/Primary Author:  Seth Younger Geochemical fingerprinting and the Water Erosion Prediction Project (WEPP) were used to estimate sediment production for catchments with, and without unpaved roads in the Up

Variation in carbon cycling impacts of an invasive grass (Microstegium vimineum) across an urban-rural gradient in Southern Appalachian forests

Poster Number:  157 Presenter/Primary Author:  Matt Craig Although there is broad recognition that invasive species can alter ecosystem processes, little is known about how other factors influence such impacts.

Effects of residential development on breeding bird communities and habitats in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains

Poster Number:  125 Presenter/Primary Author:  Scott Pearson Residential development is a leading force of landscape change in Southern Appalachia.  Housing construction alters the abundance and spatial distribution of habitat, and these changes will fa

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