Colorado mountains


Plant host effects on soil bacterial community diversity, nutrient characteristics, and microbial antagonistic phenotypes depend on plant community diversity.

Poster Number:  62 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dan Schlatter While both plant host and community diversity have been shown to influence soil microbial communities, there is little understanding of how microbial communities may vary in association with the sa

Low biodiversity stable state persists two decades after cessation of nutrient enrichment

Poster Number:  52 Presenter/Primary Author:  Forest Isbell Human activities are causing many gradual, but chronic, environmental changes worldwide, such as an increase in atmospheric nitrogen (N) deposition rates, which decreases biodiversity.

Evidence for multiple pathways in old field succession?

Poster Number:  12 Presenter/Primary Author:  Adam Clark A rich body of theoretical and experimental literature suggests that differences in species assembly order, and manipulation of environmental factors such as nutrient availability, can fundamentall

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER