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Alpine grasslands in LTER Slovakia – air pollution and climate in focus

Poster Number:  366 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lubos Halada Slovak alpine is well studied and documented, less are known impacts of global change and several projects are recently focused to this issue.

Greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland system in Phoenix, AZ

Poster Number:  365 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jorge Ramos Wetlands support ecological functions that result in valuable services to society, including the purification of water through processes such as denitrification, plant uptake, and soil retention.

Shifting symbiotic states and diversity patterns as an indicator of climate change

Poster Number:  364 Presenter/Primary Author:  Ruth Gates Accumulating data strongly suggest that the fate of Scleractinians will be determined in part, by the composition of symbiotic dinoflagellate (Symbiodinium sp.) communities hosted by coral

Establishment and persistence of macroalgal phase shifts

Poster Number:  361 Presenter/Primary Author:  Samantha Davis Coral reefs are among the most diverse and productive marine ecosystems, and are currently threatened by an increasing frequency and magnitude of natural and anthropogenic perturbations.

Patch-burn grazing and demographic performance of grassland songbirds

Poster Number:  360 Presenter/Primary Author:  Brett Sandercock Population declines in grassland birds are an emerging conservation crisis in North America.  Changes in rangeland management associated with intensification of agricultural production are tho

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER