Colorado mountains

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Comparing 25 years of land cover and population change in the southern Appalachians

Poster Number:  373 Presenter/Primary Author:  Jeff Hepinstall-C... Substantial population growth has been observed over the past 30 years in the Southern Appalachians.

Using Narrative to Develop Environmental Empathy: Stories About Polar Regions in the LTER Schoolyard Book Series

Poster Number:  372 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alex Mass Presentations on climate change and ecological consequences to children often emphasize threats, particularly in polar regions.

Variation in copepod egg production rate across spatial gradients in the California Current Ecosystem

Poster Number:  371 Presenter/Primary Author:  Catherine Nickels Areas of the ocean where two water parcels meet, know as fronts, define regions of sharp spatial gradients.

Effects of increased snow on growth response and allocation patterns of arctic plants

Poster Number:  368 Presenter/Primary Author:  Claire Addis Warming in the Arctic has led to an increase in shrub cover on the tundra and has been well documented in arctic Alaska.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER