Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

NEON’s Mobile Deployment Platform: Seeking Input on a Community Resource

Poster Number:  73 Presenter/Primary Author:  Mike SanClements We seek input from the LTER community on the National Ecological Observatory Network’s (NEON) PI and agency requestable Mobile Deployment Platform (MDP).

The Disappearing Cryosphere: Ecological and Biogeochemical Consequences. An LTER Network Cross-Site Initiative

Poster Number:  66 Presenter/Primary Author:  Hugh Ducklow The cryosphere, that portion of the Earth’s surface where water is in solid form for at least a month a year, has been shrinking in response to climate warming.  The areal extent and duration

Density fractionation and 13C reveal changes in soil carbon following woody encroachment in a desert ecosystem

Poster Number:  58 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kate Lajtha Woody encroachment has dramatically changed land cover patterns in arid and semiarid systems (drylands) worldwide over the past 150 years.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER