Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

Recreational Perspectives of Nonnative Fish Species and Mercury Advisors

Poster Number:  98 Presenter/Primary Author:  Christopher Edwards The purpose of this study is to assess the awareness and values of anglers, concerning their catch of native and nonnative fish species and posted mercury advisories.

The Next Generation of Scientists: Examining the Experiences of Graduate Students in Network-Level Socio-Ecological Science

Poster Number:  95 Presenter/Primary Author:  Sydne Record Integrating research and resources of hundreds of scientists from dozens of institutions, network-level science is fast becoming one scientific model of choice to address complex problems.

The Ubiquity of Dissolved Black Carbon in Freshwater Environments

Poster Number:  85 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kaelin Cawley Black carbon (BC) is abundant in soils and generally ubiquitous in the environment including in the deep ocean. As such, it is of importance in the global carbon cycle.

Getting to the root of the matter: Fire effects on mycorrhizal seedling establishment and tree migration in Alaska

Poster Number:  81 Presenter/Primary Author:  Rebecca Hewitt Fire is the primary landscape-scale disturbance in the boreal forest, and in the last half-century fires have increased in severity and extent in the boreal forest and tundra.

A Laboratory Comparison of Two Minirhizotrons for Measuring Fine Root Turnover: The CID Bio-Science, Inc. CI-600 and RhizoSystems, LLC AMR-A Minirhizotrons

Poster Number:  76 Presenter/Primary Author:  Joshua Roberti The NEON design for measuring ecological change includes minirhizotrons for quantifying fine root biomass production and turnover. A manual minirhizotron (i.e.

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