Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

Updating Storminess Records for LTER Sites

Poster Number:  133 Presenter/Primary Author:  Bruce Hayden The data records for storminess and their analysis for the period 1885-1996 for the continental US were compiled from NOAA data (Climate Variability and Ecosystem Response at Long-Term Ecological R

Governing Collaborative Science: Cyberinfrastructure, Scale, and Collaboration in the Networked Ecological Sciences

Poster Number:  118 Presenter/Primary Author:  Steve Jackson Investments in advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI) represent a large and growing percentage of the U.S.

Slope and Vegetation Effects on the Nitrogen Cycle in a Selective-Cut Japan LTER Forest

Poster Number:  114 Presenter/Primary Author:  Baek Soo Lee This study addresses the influence of catchment topography and vegetation types on nitrogen cycling in surface water and soil within a selective-cut forest ecosystem of the Nakagawa Experimental Fo

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER