Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

Visitor willingness to pay U.S. Forest Service recreation fees in New West rural mountain economies

Poster Number:  238 Presenter/Primary Author:  Catherine Keske This study evaluates visitors’ stated willingness to pay (WTP) to recreate at Colorado “Fourteeners”, peaks that rise above higher than 14,000 feet.

Network ecology and the Landscape Conservation Cooperatives: Integrating research and monitoring to address conservation and climate change.

Poster Number:  237 Presenter/Primary Author:  William Gould We are entering a new era of network ecology - entities monitoring, assessing, and modeling phenomena across disciplines and broad extents. Government agencies including the U.S.

Widespread abrupt shifts of grasslands to a wooded state: woody encroachment in a stable-state and socio-economic framework

Poster Number:  236 Presenter/Primary Author:  Zak Ratajczak Woody encroachment of global grasslands and savannas affects biodiversity and a variety of vital ecosystem services.

The little things that run the world revisited: Invertebrates, ecosystem services and climate change

Poster Number:  221 Presenter/Primary Author:  Chelse Prather The sustainability of ecosystem services depends on a firm understanding of both how organisms provide these services to humans and how these organisms will be altered with a changing climate.&nbsp

Grassland sensitivity to climate change at local to regional scales: assessing the role of ecosystem attributes vs. environmental context

Poster Number:  204 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alan Knapp Although we have learned much in the past 20 years about how individual ecosystems are likely to respond to climate change, extending this knowledge to regional and continental scales has been a fa

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER