Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

Putting the “long term” in the LTERs: History in and of the LTER network

Poster Number:  301 Presenter/Primary Author:  Anita Guerrini The emphasis on coupled human-natural systems has opened new possibilities for collaboration with the humanities at many sites in the LTER system.

Local-scale plant species richness and the regional species pool

Poster Number:  293 Presenter/Primary Author:  Kevin Wilcox Plant community structure has been shown to impact ecosystem function. However, these effects vary among ecosystems, data collection techniques, and across spatial and temporal scales.

Biotic mechanisms contributing to the stability of productivity differ along a gradient of rainfall variability

Poster Number:  268 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lauren Hallett Productivity increases with precipitation across spatial gradients but does not as closely track precipitation over time, nor does high variability in precipitation lead to highly unstable producti

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER