Colorado mountains

Cross-site Science

Assessing Ecosystem Sensitivity to Chronic Resource Alterations: A Synthesis of Long-term Experiments

Poster Number:  334 Presenter/Primary Author:  Melinda Smith The scale, scope and pace of change occurring in ecological systems today and forecast for the future are by all accounts unprecedented in human history.

Nutrient Network Observational Studies: How to Get a Big Bang for Your Research Buck

Poster Number:  332 Presenter/Primary Author:  Cynthia Brown Grasslands worldwide are experiencing altered nutrient cycles and changes in the identity and abundance of vertebrate consumers.

Effects of forest disturbances on stream nitrate concentrations in sites participating in StreamChemDB

Poster Number:  327 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alba Argerich Land use practices and natural disturbances in forested headwater catchments affect stream water chemistry with the potential to influence downst

Critical Zone Observatories and the Site Seeker

Poster Number:  326 Presenter/Primary Author:  Tim Wjote The Critical Zone encompasses the terrestrial Earth extending from the top of the vegetation canopy down to and including the zone of freely circulating groundwater.

Mechanisms of soil C storage in bioenergy cropping systems

Poster Number:  318 Presenter/Primary Author:  Lisa Tiemann Soils often accrue carbon (C) when land is converted from grain based row crops such as corn to perennial bioenergy crops.

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER