Colorado mountains

Pattern and control of primary production

Plant growth in most ecosystems forms the base or “primary” component of the food web. The amount and type of plant growth in an ecosystem helps to determine the amount and kind of animals (or “secondary” productivity) that can survive there.

Decadal Heat Accumulation in Ice-Covered Lakes of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica

Poster Number:  222 Presenter/Primary Author:  Michael Gooseff Lakes integrate landscape processes and climate conditions.  Most of the permanently ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica are closed basin, receiving glacial melt water fro

Remotely sensed giant kelp canopy biomass patterns over its dominant range in the NE Pacific

Poster Number:  216 Presenter/Primary Author:  Thomas Bell Recent studies led by the Santa Barbara Coastal LTER have demonstrated the ability to examine the dynamics of giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) biomass over large temporal and spatial scal

Long-term reproductive phenology in the Chihuahuan Desert linking legacy and contemporary datasets

Poster Number:  213 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dawn Browning Arid and semi-arid regions of the southwestern USA are especially sensitive to changes in temperature as well as drought frequency and intensity.

Grassland sensitivity to climate change at local to regional scales: assessing the role of ecosystem attributes vs. environmental context

Poster Number:  204 Presenter/Primary Author:  Alan Knapp Although we have learned much in the past 20 years about how individual ecosystems are likely to respond to climate change, extending this knowledge to regional and continental scales has been a fa

Coastal Dispersal in the Southern California Bight

Poster Number:  203 Presenter/Primary Author:  Leonel Romero A good understanding of the transport and dispersal of material in the coastal environment is important for several biological processes such as larval transport and the transport of nutrients to k

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER