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SensorNIS: Building a sensor network resource guide through community participation

Working Group Reports
Final reports: 

LTER sites are actively deploying, operating, or exploring establishment of sensor networks and are commonly in need of informational resources as these networks are being developed. The LTER SensorNIS Workshop held in October 2011 at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest LTER indicated that a lack of technical and software expertise was a major factor limiting sensor deployment. A primary conclusion of this SensorNIS workshop was that a web-based resource guide or knowledge base covering many aspects of sensor network establishment and management should be created through community participation. High interest and participation in subsequent LTER-supported training in both field-based technologies and software tools indicated a strong willingness to share expertise and adopt existing technological solutions rather than independently  “reinvent the wheel” in terms of learning and managing sensor networks.

This workshop intends to build on the results of the SensorNIS Workshop and subsequent training sessions in development of a sensor network resource guide. An outline for this guide was developed at SensorNIS and includes a wide range of topics. This workshop will review this general outline for completeness and individually address each of the primary sections: 

· Sensor, site, and platform selection
· Data acquisition and transmission
· Sensor management and metadata
· Streaming data management middleware
· Sensor data QA/QC 
· Sensor data archiving

The organizers would like to hear from participants about their challenges or training needs as well as expertise or any solutions that can be contributed as each of the sections are discussed. The intent is to fully outline content needed for each section, consider how content will be added and managed, and consider how to engage the broader community in this development effort. While some information sharing on specific topics will be welcome, this workshop is intended to identify key areas of concern that should be addressed within this guide as well as potential sources, contributors or editors of resource guide materials. 

Donald Henshaw
Corinna Gries
Renée F. Brown
Jason Downing
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 10
Number of 2 hour sessions requested: 
Equipment requested: 
LCD projector. A second LCD projector or overhead projector could be useful.
Additional Comments: 
The second projector would be used to display ongoing notes being written while other slides are being displayed. This 2nd projector is not essential.
Working Group Materials
Room Assignment: 
Ruesch Auditorium - Sweet (50)

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