Colorado mountains

LTER Communication Committee

The LTER Communication Committee will hold a meeting at the LTER ASM to discuss current business. An agenda will be circulated in advance of this meeting. This meeting is open to committee members only.





Marcia Nation
David Foster
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 11
Additional Comments: 
Notes: We request a time during lunch on Tuesday, September 11th for the LTER Communication Committee to meet. This will be our first face-to-face meeting. The meeting will be open to Communication Committee members only; it will be closed to the LTER public. I will distribute a Doodle poll at the end of August to establish how many box lunches we will need for this meeting.
Room Assignment: 
Ruesch Auditorium - Billhiemer (50)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER