Colorado mountains

Identifying synergies between LTER and NEON

Working Group Reports

This working group will serve; I) to further foster active communication on issues of shared concern, and ii) to identify opportunities for joint initiatives between LTER and National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) scientists.

The working group will begin with (6) 10-15-minute oral presentations by NEON and LTER scientists.  They will include:

  1. A brief overview of the NEON (D. Tazik)
  2. The role of ecologists in balancing scientific creativity with baseline infrastructure (H. Loescher)
  3. Big, hairy, messy data: how do we straighten this out (B. Wee)
  4. Current LTER collaboration in sensor-based data (J. Taylor)
  5. Organismal sampling designs for terrestrial and aquatic biota (D. Tazik/H. Powell)
  6. Vision on potential synergies between LTER and NEON (Alan Knapp)

The remaining ~45-minutes will be open discussion centered around guiding questions on identifying paths forward to further strengthen ties between these two organizations.  Participants will be guided by a (TBD) LTER Rapporteur.  The NEON Panel will also be open for questions and participation.  Minutes will be captured and made available.  Specific presentations are tentative and subject to change.

Henry Loescher
Kate Lajtha
Mike SanClements
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 10
Sept 11
Sept 12
Number of 2 hour sessions requested: 
Equipment requested: 
LCD projector, mobile microphone
Room Assignment: 
Longs Peak - Granite Pass (85)

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER