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Connections between BCO-DMO and LTER

There are 5 OCE-funded coastal and marine LTER sites: SBC, MCR, GCE, PIE and CCE, who contribute data to the LTER repository. BCO-DMO is the Biological and Chemical Oceanographic Data Management Office funded by OCE, and to which many other OCE funded projects contribute data. The information managers from these 5 sites plan to gather with the BCO-DMO manager (Cyndy Chandler) and OCE program manager (Dave Garrison), to talk about ways to make connections between LTER sites and BCO-DMO, discuss possible opportunities for better exchange of information between LTER sites and BCO-DMO and possible advantages to establishing more integration of content.

Margaret O'Brien
Preferred date(s): 
Sept 10
Additional Comments: 
We plan to meet at dinner on Monday, 6pm as an ad hoc working group session Participants: Cyndy Chandler (BCO-DMO) Dave Garrison (NSF) Margaret O'Brien (SBC) Wade Sheldon (CGE) Hap Garritt (PIE) James Conners (CCE) Scott Gordon (CCE)
Room Assignment: 
Ruesch Auditorium

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER