Colorado mountains

Working Group Session 3 Tuesday

Tue, 2012-09-11 10:00 - 12:00

Title Organizer Room Assignment
The Long Term Agro-ecosystem Research (LTAR) Network Mark Walbridge Eastside - Deer Ridge Fireside (75)
Long-term population dynamics of exotic species: a cross-site multi-species investigation Alexander Latzka Eastside - Rainbow Fireside (75)
Using Remote Sensing Tools to Calculate Biomass Consistently Across LTER Sites. Kyle Cavanaugh Longs Peak - Boulder Field (85)
Impacts of land-use change on carbon and nitrogen cycling: a cross-site opportunity Leilei Ruan Longs Peak - Chasm Lake (60)
Sustainability of Coastal Ecosystems - Challenges and Solutions Anne Giblin Longs Peak - Diamond East (125)
A Researcher’s Guide to Automating Analysis of LTER Data John Porter Longs Peak - Diamond West (125)
LTER and STREON synergies and opportunities: Next generation questions in stream ecological research Amy Rosemond Longs Peak - Granite Pass (85)
MinuteEarth Collaborative? Peter Reich Longs Peak - Keyhole (60)
Frontiers in Ecosystem Science: Energizing the Research Agenda Peter Groffman Ruesch Auditorium - Billhiemer (50)
Ad-Hoc Student Perspectives on Urban Theory Anna Johnson Ruesch Auditorium - Billhiemer (50)
Promotion of Population of Emission Factors in the IPCC Emission Factor Database Kimberly Wickland Ruesch Auditorium - Dodge (50)
Anthropocene Boundary Discrimination at LTER Sites David Leigh Ruesch Auditorium - Hobbs (50)
LTER Graduate Student Training: Innovations and Cross-Site Opportunities Clarisse Hart Ruesch Auditorium - Sweet (50)
Identifying alternative indicators for the detection of abrupt transitions in ecosystems: a consideration of time scale and community parameters Emily Rivest Wind River A (100)
US-Mexico Ecohydrology Workshop Planning Meeting William McDowell Wind River B (100)
Quantifying Uncertainty in Ecosystem Studies Ruth Yanai Wind River C (100)
Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER