Colorado mountains


Patterns of soil properties and respiration along an elevation gradient in the Luquillo Mountains of Northeastern Puerto Rico

Poster Number:  247 Presenter/Primary Author:  Dingfang Chen As an important component in global carbon cycle, soil respiration is one of the primary paths to release carbon fixed by vegetation to the atmosphere.

Separate Effects of Flooding and Anoxia on Soil Biogeochemistry and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Poster Number:  229 Presenter/Primary Author:  Gavin McNicol Soils are large sources of atmospheric greenhouse gases, and their magnitude and composition is strongly controlled by soil redox conditions.

The Luquillo LTER Program

Poster Number:  223 Presenter/Primary Author:  Nicholas Brokaw The Luquillo LTER Program (LUQ) focuses on understanding long-term change in tropical ecosystems and the consequences of change for ecosystem services.

The little things that run the world revisited: Invertebrates, ecosystem services and climate change

Poster Number:  221 Presenter/Primary Author:  Chelse Prather The sustainability of ecosystem services depends on a firm understanding of both how organisms provide these services to humans and how these organisms will be altered with a changing climate.&nbsp

Background Photo by: Nicole Hansen - Jornada (JRN) LTER